Is your weigh scale accurate?

That’s the question on Measurement Canada’s (MC) mind, and they know it’s probably not. That’s why they have changed the regulations to ensure that small businesses and the consumer get a fair deal. They estimate that 100% of grain and dairy farmers, 95% of fishers and 85% of loggers are small businesses who may be losing out in their weight based transactions with the large players in their industries.

How does this affect you?

It all depends on the industry you are in. The 8 sectors that the new regulations cover are:

  • retail petroleum
  • wholesale petroleum
  • dairy
  • retail food
  • fishing
  • logging
  • grain & field crops
  • mining

When will the changes take place?

Bill C-14 (2011) which amends the Weights and Measures Act and the Electricity and Gas Inspections Act came into force on 1 August 2014. However, the need for traders to comply has been delayed by specific periods according to where the scale is located, some as soon as 1 Feb 2015 and others extending to 1 August 2016. We can help you to understand when your scale needs to comply.

What do I have to do now the legislation is passed?

If you are in one of the 8 affected sectors all of your “Legal for Trade” weigh-scales will require periodic mandatory re-inspection by a MC Accredited Service Provider (ASP). If you already have your weigh-scale regularly calibrated you will need to have a more thorough test (periodic examination) and if accurate you will be issued a Certificate of Compliance. If you do not normally have your weigh-scale regularly calibrated you will need to add this Periodic Examination to your routine service. The length of time between re-inspections varies for each sector.

How can I find out more?

Check out the Industry Canada – Measurement Canada website at, this will give you an overview of the amendments to the Weights & Measures Act. Or give us a call on 613.878.2062 or

How can Cooke Scales help?

As an established and experienced weighing scale service company, with over 25 years experience, Cooke Scales are currently in the process of becoming a Measurement Canada Accredited Service Provider. We will then be able to issue Certificates of Compliance on behalf of Measurement Canada.
We are here to help you understand how the changes impact your business and to make the compliance process painless for you.

Give us a call.

Matt Cooke

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