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We are very proud to now offer Chesterville, Ontario made Evoweigh Onboard Weighing Systems and Livestock Bars


We manufacture kits for Seed drills, TMR mixers, gravity wagons and more. All kits can be provided with full install instructions, we can fit or your local scale company can help. We often have kits in stock especially for our most popular kits for the JD750/1560/1590, 10', 15' or 20', prices start around $4k and lead time is approximately 2 weeks if we don't have it in stock.

The Evoweigh Kits are engineered to make fitting a simpler process, where possible we create low profile kits so that there is no need to adjust hose lengths saving a significant amount of install time. For some models such as the Sunflower 9435 - 30' - 3 section this means 72 hose adjustments are not required.

Livestock Bars are available from 24" to 48" and can be fully integrated with RFID systems to monitor livestock.

We also create custom weighing solutions for custom farming needs; if you need to weigh somewhere within your process we can create exactly what you need.

Please call (613) 878-2062 or email or to discuss.

MAY 2024

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