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We have experience in many industries, not all are listed here, please contact us for more information.


We have many years experience working with our customers on all types of scales used within the agricultural sector. We understand how business critical your scales are and work with you to ensure downtime is kept to minimum, focusing on good maintenance regimes and keeping critical parts in stock. Whether its a repair of your truck scales, purchasing a new additives balance or fitting an onboard system to your seed drill or any other need, we can definitely help.

M: (613) 878-2062 



High use industries need heavy duty scales that can keep up with the pace. We arrive onsite ready to get your scale up and running again as soon as possible, we have loaner indicators and many load-cells in stock. Our extensive experience on many manufacturers equipment means we are very likely to have worked on your type of scale previously.

M: (613) 878-2062 

Any Other Scale


Honestly, it doesn't really matter what industry, scale type or location you are in, we will be able to fix or replace your scale. We have decades of industry experience and have come across most manufacturers and types of scale. If you need a custom system to weigh within you processes, we can help with design too. Just send an email and we will help.

M: (613) 986-1258

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