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How Often Should I Calibrate my Scale?

Updated: Oct 15, 2020

Bought my scale new 6 years ago and I've never had it checked, whats next?

For any business, in any industry, no matter what the regulations are, it makes good business sense to ensure you are using accurate scales in your processes.

Scale accuracy makes good business sense. Overcharging or undercharging your customers or adding the incorrect amount of additives is never going to end well!

Typically we suggest that all weighing equipment is calibrated at a minimum frequency of once per year and more often if the weighing results are important to your process and if inaccurate, business losses could occur or if safety could be compromised.

If the results are critical or for high accuracy applications such as laboratories, additive scales, fertilizer plants, we recommend that in addition to the regular calibration visits by an engineer, the equipment is also checked daily prior to use, using calibrated test weights. If this is a challenge we suggest tracking your outputs thoroughly to ensure you would notice any discrepancies quickly to minimize business losses.

Also consider the legislative requirements of mandatory inspections within your industry, we can help with this or you can access the Measurement Canada website via this link.

Of note, Measurement Canada is very clear as to their expectations when it comes to scale accuracy "The Weights and Measures Act places the responsibility for device accuracy on device owners...", we can help by carrying out calibrations and inspections and by reminding our customers of when their scales are due a mandatory inspection but ultimately once we leave your site we can no longer be responsible for accuracy.

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